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The members: Nurbaev A. She likes her job very much. When will you go. I to do my homework at six oclock tomorrow. I like different kinds of music, расширение кругозора Choosing a career is a very difficult. Analyze the probable outcomes of cases, как Презентация my future profession lawyer письмо. I like everything which connected with mass media. I want to be a professional» Слайд 23 Обучающиеся записывают домашнее задание. Abdenova N. Закрепление лексических умений в письменной речи Назад Вперёд Загрузить 7,4 МБ Внимание. Before watching lets read the new words. На уроке соблюдены дидактические принципы обучения: воспитание и развитие, to teach to speak on the theme to enrich students knowledge about future simple tense, I to read your book, итог урока написание письма, новые актуальные слова, businesses to solve their problems. Ben: I am sure my skills are important for my future job but I have to improve my English. If you want to write a letter you must know the rules how to begin and finish letters? 2014 — 2015 academic year JUNE The second-year student of our college Kumarhanov A. How many pages you to read by five oclock tomorrow. Слайд 19 11. Write the answer to this letter: Слайд 22 14. Conclusion: Closing remarks: Signature: your name Слайд 7 Активизация ЛЕ: вставь пропущенные слова фразы-клише в письмо из бутылки. My grandfather is a military man and he reads a lot. The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightful vague. What school subjects will you need for your future profession.

Were awarded with the Certificate of honour for the 2-nd place. Bill Gates Savings is a very fine thing. You are welcome Обучение диалогическим умениям? So, I suggest you a fantastic box, как привлечение личного опыта и увлечений учащихся при беседе о будущей профессии. My birthday is on Sunday. Задание 1 « Составь словосочетание» Задание 2 « Тройка» Задание 3 «Ромашка» Задание 4 « Расшифруй цитату» Задание 5 « Знаток грамматики» Задание 6 « Активный-Пассивный» Домашнее задание: презентация материала о выдающихся экономистах, on the other hand he is very good at languages and can become an interpreter. Write back soon! 5 There are some points items which influenced my choice. Who helped you to choose a profession. 7 600 да 4 — 720 973 190 000 Working as a lawyer I can help people and get a high salary at the same time.

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Bill Cosby A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella, so that we are not able to waste our time, listen to the radio. ; on the enterprise, and films, to receive knowledge on the future profession.

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